Findings from the TIMSS 2019 Problem Solving and Inquiry Tasks

Ina V.S. Mullis, Michael O. Martin, Bethany Fishbein, Pierre Foy, and Sebastian Moncaleano

Chapter 1: Mathematics Grade 4

School Party

Screen 3 – Ticket Sales

Nearly all students tackled the item on Screen 3 assessing fourth grade students’ familiarity with basic fractions.

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Maximum Score Points: 1
Content Domain: Number
Topic Area: Fractions and Decimals
Cognitive Domain: Applying


As shown in Exhibit 7, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR had the highest achievement, with 80–81 percent of their students correctly clicking on 4 of the 12 tickets. On average, nearly half the eTIMSS students answered correctly (48%). One quarter of the students on average answered 3 tickets, possibly indicating a misconception about the fraction 1/3. On average across countries, there was a gender gap in achievement favoring boys.